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Emergency Lighting Services

Commercial Lighting Solutions offers same day and emergency services to address any immediate lighting problems you may have.

All emergency lighting systems are regulated by federal, state and local safety codes. These requirements are set by the National Electric Code and the National Fire Protection Association.

If there were a fire in your business, would your emergency lights be able to direct your employees as they escaped? Sometimes the panic that can arise from people not being able to find an exit can be even more dangerous than the flames themselves. Emergency lights and emergency exit lighting are essential for maintaining a safe workplace because they help keep order, prevent panic, enable safe movement and contribute to timely evacuation. If you need a fire protection services company to inspect or service your buildings emergency lighting, call Commercial Lighting Solutions today!

Exit Light Maintenance

Just like any fire protection system, your exit lights need a frequent inspection to ensure that they work properly. Exit lights are harder to monitor than most other parts of your fire protection system, because out of everything they're probably the last thing you'd expect to go wrong. At Commercial Lighting Solutions, our exit light inspection procedure includes:

  • 90-minute full function exit light test
  • Disconnecting the exit lights from the power supply for additional testing
  • Checking the exit light batteries and lenses for sulfation
  • Cleaning the exit light and lenses if necessary
  • Adjusting the exit light beam for proper alignment
  • Placing an exit light testing label on each light and recording the test in a log

Exit Light Inspection and Testing

The NFPA requires two types of exit light inspection:

Monthly exit light inspection - run your exit lights for 30 seconds to make sure they work in the event of a power loss.

Annual exit light inspection - have Commercial Lighting Solutions perform a detailed exit light inspection for not less than 90 minutes.

Annual exit sign inspection - again, have FPS come out and perform a full-service exit light inspection.

Take advantage of our free emergency lighting assessment by calling 716-531-2274. Commercial Lighting Solutions will inspect your facility to ensure that the correct safety equipment is installed and proper maintenance programs are in place.

We Are Available 24/7 With Emergency Lighting Services Including:

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Why Commercial Lighting

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To offer you the most economy and flexibility, we customize all of our regularly scheduled maintenance programs to match your requirements. Our highly trained, certified technicians are available when you need them for repairs and re-occurring maintenance. Best of all, because we specialize, you save money! So relax and leave your lighting to Commercial Lighting Solutions.

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