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Interior lighting repairs, retrofits and group servicing. We have lighting technicians available to assist you with interior lighting projects, from a simple repair to a complete energy saving retrofit.

Our services include:

Lighting maintenance is available on an as-needed basis or as part of a full maintenance and management contract. If you frequently need the services of a lighting company, you may want the convenience of a fixed-rate contract.


Some property managers have maintenance personnel changing their ballasts but beware, electrical charges are left in ballasts and non-electricians can get zapped! Contact us for a service request.

Why Commercial Lighting

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To offer you the most economy and flexibility, we customize all of our regularly scheduled maintenance programs to match your requirements. Our highly trained, certified technicians are available when you need them for repairs and re-occurring maintenance. Best of all, because we specialize, you save money! So relax and leave your lighting to Commercial Lighting Solutions.

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