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LED Lighting INstallation

Produce Aisle LED Lighting Installation Buffalo NYChoosing LED lighting can be a significant cost-reducing measure for your business. From higher energy efficiency and diminished maintenance to longer lifespans and tax credits, LED lighting is quickly becoming the standard for businesses across the United States. We describe more reasons below to make the switch to LEDs.

Reduced Energy Costs

Higher energy efficiency and better performance at low temperatures allow LED case lighting to use up to 50 percent less energy than fluorescent systems. Additionally, LED systems emit less heat, which means the refrigeration compressor does not have to work as hard to remove heat as with fluorescent systems.

Improved Product Visibility

LED fixtures efficiently direct the light where it is truly needed, eliminating wasteful light that spills out onto the floor. LEDs are also able to illuminate shelves in a more uniform manner.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

A five-year warranty and an estimated 50,000-hour useful life (significantly longer than fluorescents) can dramatically reduce costs associated with maintenance over the product lifetime.

Better for the Environment

Apart from energy savings and long life, LED lighting contains no mercury, a heavy metal that often leaches into the soil with improper disposal of fluorescent lights. Also, LEDs have lower energy consumption, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy production.

New York State Tax Credits

Working with New York State Green Initiatives, Commercial Lighting Solutions will help you secure beneficial tax incentives for your business when you decide to install approved LED Lighting.

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