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LED Display Lighting Installation

Refrigerated Dairy Display LED Lighting Installation Buffalo NYProduct displays benefit greatly from proper illumination. Dull displays lack the ability to grab attention, while bright florescent lights may seem too artificial or cold in their appearance. Also, constantly leaving display lights on leads to a high overhead cost, affected more by having to repair or replace lighting from time to time. One way to help your displays come to life without driving up expensive energy costs is to install LED display lights. 

Supermarket LED Lighting

Grocery stores have several applications that benefit greatly from LED lighting. Two major components are refrigerated display cases and produce aisles. 

Refrigerated Displays: Frozen food and refrigerated display cases in supermarkets are typically illuminated by fluorescent sources. Although they are reasonably efficient and reliable, fluorescent sources operate best at indoor temperatures of 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Light output for fluorescent lamps can drop by as much as 60 percent in cold temperatures, requiring more energy output while degrading their lifespan. LED lighting, on the other hand, performs better in lower temperature ranges, acting as a more efficient lighting source for your displays.

Produce Aisles: With any type of produce, eye appeal is buying appeal. The most successful produce displays with favorable inventory turnover are those that display color and quality with the brightest illumination. Fruits and vegetables benefit from LED lighting that does not damage any produce placed underneath from heat emissions. 

Retail LED Lighting

From a shop with street-side window displays to in-store display boxes, LED lighting is highly beneficial to assisting with projecting products for consumers to see. LEDs last longer than other types of lighting and require less maintenance work, keeping your selection well-lit for a longer time. Our team has the experience you need to decide on the best LED lighting options for your business. 

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