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Group Relamping

Group relamping is replacing all the lamps in a facility at the same time. A major contributor to light loss and costly maintenance are lamps near the end of their effective life, or extensive burnouts. There are a variety of reasons to practice group relamping rather than spot relamping, in which lamps are only replaced when they burn out. Generally relamping is recommended at 70% of rated life. After this point light output diminishes and significant burnouts start occurring.

  • Group relamping requires much less labor per lamp than spot relamping. A worker might take as long as a half hour to retrieve and install a single lamp. If all the materials were on hand for a large number of lamps, a worker could move systematically from fixture to fixture and cut the required time to about 3 minutes per lamp. The process would also be less disruptive, because group relamping is usually done outside working hours.
  • Group relamping is easy to schedule and delegate to outside contractors, who have special equipment and training.
  • Group relamping provides brighter and more uniform lighting because lamps are replaced before their output has fully depreciated. Direct energy benefits result if the designer, anticipating group relamping, uses a smaller safety factor.
  • Group relamping offers increased control over the replacement lamps, reducing the chances of mixing incompatible lamps such as those with different color temperatures.


Some property managers have maintenance personnel changing their ballasts but beware, electrical charges are left in ballasts and non-electricians can get zapped! Contact us for a service request.

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